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Spirit of STS

Step to Success School works to inculcate its Core Values and the school spirit in children, enabling them to achieve, and lead with wisdom, foresight and caring. We hope that these values and this spirit stays with them through their lives, manifesting in their every action, adding a confidence born of striving to always do the right thing in the right way. The Spirit of STS is invoked by individual and collaborative pursuits of charitable, literary, artistic and intellectual natures.


Rigved, Samved, Atharv Ved ,Yajur Ved

Every child is assigned to one of the four Houses for the duration of his or her school life. Houses also act as teams for social outreach initiatives and interactions with economically less advantaged and differently abled children from our neighborhood and the city. A discipline code is operative, through which students get positive or negative House points on behaviour related to uniform, hygiene, cleanliness, submission of homework, or for being a buddy to a new student. The honour system supports the philosophy of the school and the values of society as a whole. House points contribute towards the House Championship at the end of the year.

Belonging to Houses gives the children an opportunity to imbibe leadership qualities, sensitivity to others and develop team skills.

Student Council

The Student Council is a student-led governing body comprising students elected by the entire school. It is led by the School Captain, Senior and Junior Vice-Captains, the Sports Captain and four House Captains and Beyond Academics Captain, who are elected office bearers. Being a part of this structure imposes discipline as well as gives a taste of democratic functioning and political responsibility to children, becoming a fertile training ground for the student voice to be heard.

Buddy System

New entrants into each class are welcomed, supported and assisted by “Buddies” specifically assigned by teachers. This system eases the transition for new students from their previous school to STS and also inculcates sensitivity, empathy and helpfulness in our students.


Students are given opportunities to develop and present their skills and talents through active participation in weekly Assemblies. An additional assembly may be called for a specific event, lecture, or demonstration. Students also assemble for the celebration of national days, festivals, cultural presentations and recognition of achievement and awards, producing a feeling of togetherness, national and school pride among the student body. Attendance is compulsory for all.

Tournament of Minds

A very popular inter-house competition, which includes Music, Dance, Speech and Drama, Art and Craft. Students participate in quizzes, recitation, elocution, declamation, storytelling, word games, and debates, improving performances and setting challenging goals. The Tournament of Minds competitions are held during school year, and individual points gained by winners contribute to the overall House points and the self-esteem of participants.

Further, intra- and inter-school competitions hosted by the school and events such as Multiple Intelligences Xplored (M.I.X), Annual Day, Sports Day and Awards Day give children a sense of belonging and working in a team, secure in their individual abilities to contribute to it, and in an atmosphere of healthy competition with their peers.

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