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12th Mile Stone, Meerut Baghpat Road,

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School’s Logo

Progress from Result Orientation to Process Orientation:
Because ‘Excellence’ is ‘Destination’ But a Journey
The SUN in the logo is the symbol of knowledge which spreads all over irrespective of any differences . The rays of information bring about transformation in the lives of people. As the sun generates life, the all pervasive knowledge generates a deep understanding of the meaning and importance of life envisioning तत् त्वम् असि ‘That Thou Art’.
The SCRIPTURE in the logo depicts the heritage of our country which is the lexicon of culture .It aims to rediscover this inheritance and evolve ourself. It also reveals the transcendental aspect of one’s personality. These scriptures are a strong edifice and can usher in the NATIONAL RENAISSANCE .
The TORCH symbolizes the eternal burning of flame of knowledge ,bringing life to the etymology of education :e ‘from’ ‘duco’-darkness. : from Ignorance to knowledge. It urges to awaken to the glory of the five elements of nature ,Fire Earth ,Sky, Water and Ether and brave all fronts to reach the pinnacle of Success. Salutation to the dispeller of darkness and symbol of chivalry.
The OXFORD CAP denotes the step by step evolution of the student and achieving levels of expertise and expression absolute.
The sprig of OLIVE LEAVES is undoubtedly the catalyst of Peace. It denotes the vitality of co-existence wherein the virtues of tolerance, respect and brotherhood are imbibed and practiced.

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