Our Strategies At Work Are The Means By Which To Achieve The Desired Goals, And Achieve Your Goals And Dreams Here.

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12th Mile Stone, Meerut Baghpat Road,

Panchli Khurd, Meerut (U.P.)-250002

Monday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm,

Sunday - CLOSED

Identity & Anthem

Our Motto

  • A school motto must uplift and guide students, and reflect the Core Purpose and Values of the school in a way that is relevant and easy to understand.
  • Step to Success has an inspiring motto for its students, because we recognize the need to shape young people, and harness their potential to take on the challenges of a constantly changing world, wherever they are.
  • ‘Seize the Day’ represents the attitude and conviction with which we prepare our students to face life.

Our Symbol

Our symbol reaffirms Step to Success commitment to nurturing inventiveness in each child. Secure in the warmth of a caring environment symbolized by the orange circle (the sun), our students will be inspired to realize their full potential in a manner that is responsive to change and ever-evolving, as represented by the dynamic figure of a child within a circle.

Our Color

Orange, white and Red form the tricolor of Step to Success, reflects our approach to life and learning.

Orange, dynamic and charged with the energy of youth, symbolizes a passion for knowledge, and action of both mind and body.

White, in its purity, represents the values of friendship, integrity and unity, of sensitivity to others, and peace, which is our collective responsibility as part of a global community.

Red shows a deep grounding, is the color of Endeavour, and of endless possibilities.

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