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Pricipal’s Message

Principal Message

Dear Parents, Students and Visitors,

The journey of life continues and the years rollby. Sometimes the road is level, sometimes the hills but as we travel onward to a future unknown. We can make each mile, we travel, a heavenly stepping stone Helen Rice

Life is indeed a highway journey and as we have reached the particular part of our journey to stand and stare; so as to see whether we have achieved our goal or not. Life gives us two options everyday; wait for things to happen or make things happen. The best option is to decide what you want and pursue it. 

Virgil, the greatest of the Roman poets once said:  "Fortune sides with him who dares".

Today, as the Principal of Step To Success, I wish all of you success, peace and joy in the years you travel along life. The success of your journey depends upon how much of possession you have in terms of knowledge, understanding cooperation, vision and tolerance.

Step To Success  was established with the vision to provide an atmosphere of enquiry and learning, leading to perfection in the life of learners who should grow into responsible and caring members of the society. The integrated curriculum of the school aims to bring out the best in each child.  Here, at our school we guarantee you to provide a sustainable platform to young learners to discover marvels in future endeavours.  I express my best wishes to all STSians for a wonderful academic year 2023-2024.

Yours truly,
Babita Parashar

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