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Life at STS

Workshops on “Keeping safe” across the Primary, Middle school students and for parents and support staff.

Education at STS combines the best of progressive and traditional learning and assessment models. Our teaching-learning process is designed to give children a strong foundation in academics, and simultaneously enrich personal development. It encourages independent thinking and catalyses creativity and solid reasoning, all in a positive, nurturing environment. Students apply their knowledge to solve real problems in their immediate context, strengthening their understanding of concepts and the ability to reflect, analyse and communicate.

Modern research has reconfirmed that children have differing gifts and there is no one, single method to draw the best out of them. Our approach to education encompasses the rich diversity in the ways children absorb and react to stimuli, relate to others around them, and manifest their intelligence. We believe that children absorb more when they can make connections and tap into higher order thinking (critical and problem solving as opposed to mere factual learning) across subjects and activities.

Therefore, our curriculum uses integrated and theme-based instruction and the weaving together of multiple disciplines and co-curricular activities. These methods make learning both challenging and fun whatever the developmental abilities of a child may be. (We cater to children with special needs through Learning Labs and Accelerated Learning Programmes). At STS, we begin each year with our foundation programme, which aims to discover each student’s unique learning style, strengths and needs. The informal atmosphere and the novelty of shared teacher-student activities generate a free flow of thought and ideas, paving the way for easing new students into the more formal space of the classroom.

Essential to our teaching-learning process are activities that go beyond academics of a traditional kind, that make children well rounded and aspire towards purpose and achievement. STS places great emphasis on sports and the arts, as well as different ways of connecting with what students learn in class, like field trips, internships and community service as part of our Wider World Programs.

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