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Learning Support

Our ceaseless work towards inculcating excellence is complemented by the belief that each child’s needs and abilities are different. Step To Success has thus designed interventions for students who need support and remedial care. Our Learning Lab incorporates an enhancement programme designed for children with special educational needs (SEN) i.e. children with learning difficulties as well as accelerated / gifted learners.

Based on observations and formal and informal assessments, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is drawn up by special educators for each child, keeping in mind his/ her strengths and developmental needs; thus the pull – out schedule for each student is need-based, as we hope to mainstream children in a progressive and comprehensive manner.

The special educators and the counselor also run group sessions, addressing age related issues. Teachers use whole – group instruction for introducing ideas, planning or sharing results, then let children work individually or in groups, based on readiness, interest and learning style. Ongoing assessments help identify children who need more support, and those who need to be placed in an accelerated learning programme.

A common infrastructure is used to meet the needs of both ends of the spectrum, customizing toolsets to meet the specific case of each child. The activities are administered by members of the faculty, trained in the use of the tool set. Modern equipment complements the use of our own indigenous methods of learning and emphasizes their effectiveness in the treatment of learning disorders.

The primary goal of the Learning Lab at STS is to mainstream the children as early as possible. In ideal circumstances, we aim for mainstreaming by Grade 5 , which gives the student the necessary time and skills to prepare for upcoming school exams.

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