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Fee Policy

The Step to Success Fee Policy for the Academic Year commencing April (“Fee Policy”) is designed to help us implement our strategic and annual plans effectively and to enable every STS / student to continue his / her STS journey. The Fee Policy provides detailed information on fee payments, due dates, withdrawals, refunds, issue of Transfer Certificates, and other particulars necessary to provide a clear understanding of our procedures relating to fees. The Fee Policy is applicable to all STS parents / guardians (new and existing). We encourage you to please read, understand and familiarize yourselves with the dates and processes mentioned in this policy. These procedures are critical for us to deliver a quality educational experience for your child.

If you have any queries or require any clarification, regarding the Fee Policy, please address them to info@sts-school.edu.in

Please acknowledge your acceptance of this Fee Policy by signing and returning the attached Fee Policy Acceptance and Continuation Form to ________________(via the respective Grade Teachers) no later than April 15, 2024. Your timely submission of the Form will ensure that a seat is reserved for your child for the Academic Year 2024-25

As our costs and investments are fixed for the fiscal year, and in the interest of transparency, consistency, and fairness, the Fee Policy applies uniformly to all members of the STS Community, without exception.

The School Fee for the Academic Year (2024-25), i.e. April 2024 to March 2024, is payable as per the STS Fee Notification, subject to the following:

Due Dates

For the convenience of parents / guardians, the Annual Fee may be paid in two installments (i.e., the first installment is payable by April 15, 2024 and the second is payable by October 1, 2024).

Fee Payment Options

  • All fees are payable in INR only.
  • Payments may be made only through the following options:
  • Please note that STS does not accept any PDC payment of fees.
  • Demand Draft or Cheque: favoring “STEP To SUCCESS" payable at Meerut.
  • Payments by bank transfers such as RTGS / NEFT/ IFSC may be made to:----------------------------Bank, Address of Bank ,A/c No.-----------------NEFT / IFSC Code:-------------
  • Online Payment Gateway: The payment gateway is in the process of being set up. Details will be communicated to you as soon as the system is in place.
  • Please include the student’s name and grade, both parent / guardian name(s) and contact number while using any of the payment options listed above and also email the details of payments to admission@sts-school.edu.in. A payment confirmation receipt will be sent to the email provided or mailed to the address on the school record.
  • All bank charges on inward remittance of fee, if any, shall be debited to the student’s account.
  • If any cheque / demand draft is returned, a processing fee of Rs. 500 in addition to the applicable bank charges and late payment charges will be debited to the student’s account.

Consequences of Late Payment

If the fee is not paid by the applicable due date, a late fee of Rs. ……… per day will be levied until the outstanding dues are paid in full. Any unpaid late payment charges will be treated as amounts due and adjusted to the extent possible against the balance of the security deposit.

Student Withdrawal & Fee Refunds

Parents / guardians may request withdrawal of their child from STS through an email or letter duly signed by the parents / guardians and addressed to both the Principal and to your Community Relations Executive at the email addresses provided below.

  • For Grades Pre K-4:crk_4@sts-school.edu.in
  • For Grades 5-6:crk_6@sts.school.edu.in

Where parents / guardians have already submitted a Continuation Form for the Academic Year, the email or letter seeking withdrawal should clearly specify the reason(s) for seeking such withdrawal. This is expected since the school would have incurred costs and deployed resources based on the earlier reconfirmation provided by the parents / guardians.

On withdrawal, the security deposit after adjustment of any outstanding dues if any, along with any other sum due as per this policy will be processed and refunded as follows:

Requests or notices for withdrawal and refunds received on or before April 2, 2024

Refund of interest free Security Deposit: A full refund of the Security Deposit will be provided within 45 days of receipt of written notice or request for issuance of the Transfer Certificate, whichever is later. The payment will be made after adjustment of dues including any outstanding unpaid fee, late payment charges, fines or cost of repairing damage to school property, if any, caused by the student.

Requests or notices for withdrawal & refunds received after 3 April 2024
  • Refund of interest free Security Deposit: A full refund of the Security Deposit will be provided within 45 days of receipt of the written notice or request or issuance of the Transfer Certificate, whichever is later. The payment will be made after adjustment of dues such as any outstanding unpaid fee (including the second installment fee), late payment charges, fines or cost of repairing damage to school property, if any, caused by the student.
  • Annual Education Fee, Language Fee, Learning Lab Fee: No portion of the fee paid for the Academic Year will be refunded if the school receives a request for withdrawal after the Academic Year has commenced in April, 2024. The school acquires and deploys resources based on confirmation of the student continuing her or his STS journey. Any mid-term withdrawal has an impact on not just your child but the entire class.
  • Non refundable Other Costs: All other costs such as Bus Transport, Books, Stationery and Educational Supplies, Class Outbound & Life Skills Trip,being predetermined annual fixed costs, are not refundable and cannot be refunded after the Academic Year has commenced in April 2016.

Non-refundable Amounts

Once paid the one-time non-refundable “Registration, Admission & Infrastructure / Development Fee” paid at the time of admission is not refundable.

Temporary Withdrawals

Temporary withdrawals may be allowed, at the discretion of the School Management, upon payment of the Annual Education Fee due and payable during the period of such temporary withdrawal. The seat can be retained up to a maximum of 2 years under this facility, subject to the payment of the applicable Annual Education Fee. Refunds and Transfer Certificates will not be issued for temporary withdrawals.

Deferred Admissions

Requests for deferred admissions may be considered at the discretion of the School Management before the start of the Academic Year. Admissions may be deferred for a period of 2 years upon payment of the one-time, non-refundable “Registration, Admission & Infrastructure / Development Fee.” Please note that all fees shall be applicable as per the Fee Notification relevant to the year the student starts physically attending school and any difference in the “Registration, Admission & Infrastructure / Development Fee” will also have to be paid.


Students not present on campus on the first day after and the last day before any extended holiday or vacation when school is in session without explicit written permission from the Section Head / Principal, will be fined Rs ……………….per day. This is payable for each day that they are absent, following and including the first day, and preceding and including the last day. Fines collected will be utilized towards STS’s Community Outreach Programs.

Transfer Certificates

Transfer Certificates will be issued when the school is in session, 14 working days after the student’s last working day at STS. A “No Dues Certificate” must be signed by the parent/guardian before student performance reports are issued. Please note that no Transfer Certificate or refunds will be issued while the student is still in school.

Any student who wishes to rejoin the school after a Transfer Certificate is issued, will be considered a fresh applicant.


Should any member of the community wish to apply for a scholarship,please visit this link where details regarding the application process for scholarships may be found.


STS follows a specific process and policy necessary for developing, implementing and delivering a holistic educational curriculum in the best interest of the child and effective functioning of the school. All Fee Policies and Fee Notifications, including fee structures are subject to review and change.


By my signature below, I hereby acknowledge and confirm that I have carefully read the above stated STS Fee Policy along with the corresponding Fee Notification and all the terms and conditions stated therein are acceptable to me as fair and reasonable. I further concur that my child’s admission at STS remains subject to and conditional on acceptance and fulfilment of such terms conditions.

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